Mystery ‘worm creature’ spotted in Narooma inlet

Keen fisherman and inlet observer Les Waldock has spotted another mysterious creature in Forsters Bay on Wagonga Inlet, Narooma.

On Sunday, the president of the Narooma Sport and Gamefishing Club observed a mysterious worm-like creature on top of the water, alive and swimming.

“It was very pink in colour, as thin as wool, and the head is clearly seen and pictured on the left of the 'thing',” he told the Narooma News. “It would have been two metres long if stretched out.”

Wondering if it was just the remains or some internal part of a demised sea creature, we double checked if it was moving around and alive. And the answer was “Yes”.

“It was swimming like a snake would and the head was definitely moving around,” Les said. “The boys in boat shed near my boat called me over to show it to me. And no, none of us had been drinking!”

Les was also the person who informed of us the duck-eating octopus spotted in the same location at the Narooma Marina at Forsters Bay. Click here for that story: Bird-killing octopuses lurk in Narooma waters

He was left wondering what this mysterious creature was, and we at the Narooma News will endeavour to ask our marine life experts to see if they have any theories.

UPDATE: ​ Collection manager of marine Invertebrates at Australian Museum Research Institute, Dr Stephen Keable reckons the mystery Narooma worm was likely to be a ribbon worm, phylum Nemertea.

“The grow quite large and are reasonably common in marine environments but relatively poorly studied,” Dr Keable said.

And so why this particular worm was up googling around on the surface perhaps will remain a mystery.

Do you have any theories? If so, please comment on the post on the Narooma News Facebook page.

Until then, keep looking down like Les, you never know what you’re going to see in the magical waters around Narooma!

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