Tura Beach trees hacked, poisoned

Bega Valley Shire Council staff are calling on the public to help with tree vandalism investigations at Tura Beach. 

Following a report and inspection last week, council staff believe a number of trees, including a large Banksia, Casuarina and Melaleuca, have been hacked and poisoned. 

Council's vegetation management officers have made the trees safe and a sign explaining the situation has been erected in front of the trees, which are located near the barbecue area garden beds on Surf Circle, Tura Beach. 

Investigations are being carried out by council staff but they are encouraging anyone with information relating to the incident to come forward.

Council is also calling on the public to remember that severe penalties apply for damage to native vegetation.

Any information relating to tree vandalism or suspected illegal clearing across the Shire should be reported as soon as possible to council’s vegetation management team on 6499 2222.