Have your say on electricity services|Survey

Vegetation management is just one of the issues Essential Energy would like our views on.

Vegetation management is just one of the issues Essential Energy would like our views on.

Essential Energy is seeking customers’ views on its service delivery and future investments in the electricity network via an online survey and regional community forums, to help shape its 2019–24 regulatory proposal.

General manager customer and stakeholder engagement, Roger Marshall, said the feedback would help ensure that customers would have a say in what matters most to them in Essential Energy’s submission to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

“We are navigating a significant period of industry change driven largely by changing customer behaviours, emerging energy alternatives, and customer demand for lower prices and greater control of their energy use,” Mr Marshall said.

“This engagement work is critical in ensuring we inform, consult, and involve customers to make a real difference. By participating in this online survey, customers will give us a better understanding of how they see our existing spending and service levels and their thoughts on new and emerging technologies and opportunities.

“It will also give us further insights into how we can provide a safe, reliable and efficient distribution network at the lowest possible cost to customers.”

Every five years, the Australian Energy Regulator reviews Essential Energy’s proposed expenditure and calculates the revenue required to ensure we recover the efficient costs of investing in the building and maintenance of the electricity network.

“We want to hear customers’ thoughts on everything from pricing, public lighting and vegetation management, to performance and reliability, service levels and emerging technology,” Mr Marshall said.

“This is an ideal opportunity to share your opinions on the key issues facing our business so we can ensure customers’ needs are placed at the centre of everything we do.”

To view the Essential Energy’s 2019–24 Regulatory Proposal discussion paper and participate in the online survey, visit: essentialenergy.com.au/yoursay.

Feedback can also be provided:

• Via email to yoursay@essentialenergy.com.au;

• In writing to: Manager Customer Service Essential Energy, PO Box 5730, Port Macquarie NSW 2444;

• Or by calling Essential Energy on 13 23 91.