Dianne Lindsay, Peter Simpson – Country Music at its best in Wolumla

Mention traditional Australian country music these days and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay and her husband, lead guitarist, Peter Simpson.  

Touring extensively, running their own shows, co-hosting a weekly country music radio program and always promoting the bush ballad/traditional-style country music, they have earned a reputation second to none in Australia.  

Dianne Lindsay was born and bred into country music and being part of the family that helped carve our Australian country music industry, means country music has always been a part of her life. 

As the daughter of Australia’s early country music pioneers, the late Reg Lindsay and Heather McKean, Dianne’s early years were spent travelling along the roads and tracks of Australia where her parents took their music to the people in the towns and country areas. 

Dianne has forged her own career in country music and is a multi award-winning recording artist with several Female Vocal and Peoples’ Choice Awards and was inducted to the Hands of Fame, Tamworth.

Peter Simpson is himself a well-known and respected bush ballad guitarist and an award-winning songwriter and together they have several Golden Guitar ‘Bush Ballad of the Year’ nominations and songwriting awards.

They work to ensure true Australian bush ballads and traditional country music is alive and well and are looking forward to coming to the Wolumla Hall where they will perform many of the classic country greats along with their own bush ballads. Further more call 0408429402.