Merimbula letters to the editor, March 15

Merimbula Evening VIEW members Susan Stephenson and Rose Barker gave 51 library bags to Ella Nolan, Kai Holt and librarian Karen Tarpey at Pambula Public School.
Merimbula Evening VIEW members Susan Stephenson and Rose Barker gave 51 library bags to Ella Nolan, Kai Holt and librarian Karen Tarpey at Pambula Public School.

Street garden donation

Pambula Street Gardens have received a very generous donation of $500 from the Pambula Motorfest. This is the second time the Motorfest have donated this amount.

This money will go towards replanting lavender and the ongoing planting of the roundabout. So big thank you to the Motorfest and also the 12 businesses in Pambula for their support over the years, plaques in garden depict sponsors. 

Des Whitby, Pambula

Fluoride abhorrent

I am abhorred by the prospect of having our water supply in the southern region of Bega Shire tainted by the introduction of the chemical fluoride.

Why should council have the right to medicate us unnecessarily with a neuro-toxin with the capacity to impair the nerves of the body and brain, be absorbed by bones with negative consequences? We are not compelled to ingest non-organic food with its array of toxic chemicals. But choice is more limited when the entire water supply is contaminated and of course, the more water you drink with fluoride in it, the more poison is ingested.

A lot of ignorance and naivety was attached to pre and post-WW2 decisions to get on the fluoride bandwagon, where most people merely went along with public policy, assuming that it was beneficial, just as I once did.

The world is now a more questioning and informative place. The deceptions of the past that eggs, full cream milk and butter were unhealthy have now been exposed by a variety of recent studies.

A plethora of scientific research has identified a multitude of negative effects of fluoridation. Denmark, one of Europe’s most progressive states, has the lowest decay rates in the developed world, yet their water supplies have never been fluoridated. 98 per cent of Europe and most countries in the world do not apply fluoridation because it’s been found to be unnecessary and because of the negative effects. Significantly, the World Health Organisation’s data have indicated a similar decline in tooth decay from 1970 among 12-15 year olds in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries.

Only four per cent of the world’s countries subject their citizens to fluoridation, with many having rescinded such a policy. In a world which is becoming increasingly wary and specifically aware of the dangers of unnecessary chemicals, our council would not be reckless to contemplate bucking the sensible and safe trend. Bega Valley Shire Council has no need and no ethical right to impose fluoride upon its residents!

Greg Ferguson, Pambula Beach

Spiteful position

The letter from three shire councillors published in the wake of council’s decision to grant PMGC $150,000, seems a little spiteful.

It would seem that these representatives prefer to view such expenditure as a cost to ratepayers, not the investment in a significant shire asset, with all the economic benefits PMGC brings to the area.

In addition to employing a large number of people at the club the club's operations makes a substantial contribution to the Bega Valley Shire economy. This with the associated investment in transport infastructure as seen at the airport can only be seen as a benefit to all businesses in the region, not just for the benefit of the golf club.

To evolve and not just survive, small regional areas like the Far South Coast need to continue to invest and support local enterprises, just as many of these support the golf club. Change is a constant fact of evolution, and the golf club is merely an example of what is good about our piece of paradise. PMGC is more about the paradise, not the parking lot of this philosophy.

It would be helpful too if councillors could come down to the club and see for themselves what they are voting about should a rescission motion be on the cards.

Jonathan Vincent, Merimbula


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