Alleged victim admits ‘flirting’ with accused security guard, denies claims she made up story

Peel Health Campus.
Peel Health Campus.

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In gruelling testimony heard in the Perth District Court on Tuesday, a teenage girl admitted telling a man accused of sexually assaulting her she wanted to have sex with him.

In a pre-recorded session lasting more than four hours, the girl gave evidence against Shaun David Fairfield, the former Peel Health Campus security guard accused of indecently dealing and sexually penetrating her in May, 2014.

Mr Fairfield is on trial after pleading not guilty to five counts of indecent dealing and two counts of sexual penetration.

The charges relate to offences alleged to have happened while the girl was a psychiatric patient at the Mandurah hospital.

The girl said Mr Fairfield took her for a walk outside the hospital and was “talking sexually”, before he put his hand down her pants, made her masturbate him, and showed her a photo of his erect penis.

Mr Fairfield is also accused of “grinding” against the girl, sexually penetrating her with his penis and touching her breasts.

The girl said she and Mr Fairfield had left the emergency department “near midnight”, and she had not returned to her bed until about 4am.

She said Mr Fairfield had told her he would be in “loads of trouble” if she told anyone what happened, and that she would “ruin it for [his] son”.

While the girl admitted she had liked Mr Fairfield, and that she still “sort of liked him” following the alleged assault, she said she felt uncomfortable around him later.

When the girl was transferred to another hospital the next day, the pair engaged in a private Facebook conversation, six pages of which were tendered as evidence.

The conversation included messages from the girl saying “I wanna f*** you”, and “you love me really”.

Under cross examination, the girl denied she say Mr Fairfield as a “father figure”, but said she found him “nice to talk to”.

She said she had contacted him on Facebook after the alleged offences as she enjoyed his company and didn’t feel she had anyone else to talk to.

Defence lawyer Genevieve Cleary suggested the girl made up her claims about Mr Fairfield after feeling abandoned by him.

The girl admitted she had flirted with Mr Fairfield and “would’ve liked to have heard from him”, but denied lying about the assaults.

When asked why she had not mentioned the most serious assault at the time of her initial police interview, the girl said she had been “sort of trying to protect [Mr Fairfield] a bit”, and that if she kept the more serious allegation secret she could “control how much trouble he was in”.

Ms Cleary suggested the allegations were “all a bit of joke” to the girl, and produced private Facebook messages between her and her best friend which included ‘crying laughing’ emojis and “lots of laughter” between the pair.

The girl said she had been trying to “downplay” the situation, and that it didn’t bother her as much if she joked about it.

Mr Fairfield has denied all charges.

The trial continues.

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