Merimbula Jazz Quest pulls in the talent

There was talent aplenty on display when the under 25s took part in the Merimbula Jazz Quest on Saturday, June 7 at the Lakeview Hotel, Merimbula. The audience was in awe of  the talent on display.

In first place was Jack Stoneham, Sydney, second place was Hugh Parsons, ACT, third place was Jono Savery, Sydney, fourth place was Scott Temby, ACT.

Jazz Quest organiser Paul Dion said: "The standard was breathtakingly high and the judges had difficulty separating the place getters. The Jazz Quest continues to grow each year and is generating a solid future for the festival.

It was good to see most of the contestants join Bebop and Beyond, the late night jam session, performing with each other and older experienced musicians too," he said.