Merimbula woman helps man who then steals her credit card

A 23-YEAR-OLD man who badly bit the hand that fed him faced 14 charges when he appeared in the dock at Batemans Bay Local Court on Monday.

Credit card thief Bodie Carrick, of Maling Street, Eden, pleaded guilty to 14 counts of dishonestly obtaining property by deception, and will spend the next 12 months behind bars.

Police facts state Carrick has a “lengthy criminal history for property offences” and was released from jail on parole on April 15.

His mother refused to let him stay with her, but against advice, a family friend from Merimbula, a 51-year-old pensioner and the victim in the matter, took him in.

An agreement was reached that Carrick’s mother would shop for the victim using the victim’s credit card. On either May 5 or May 6, the victim gave the card to Carrick’s mother, and told her the pin number. Carrick was listening, and this was the last time the victim saw her credit card, as Carrick stole it from the victim’s home after his mother returned it.

Carrick went on a spending spree between May 7 and May 12. The first three transactions were in Merimbula and the rest in his home town of Eden.

The amounts withdrawn were as follows: May 7 - $500, $200, May 8 - $300, May 10 – four $200 transactions and one $40, May 11 – a bottle of spirits ($53), another bottle of spirits, a case of beer and cigarettes, plus $80 and on May 12 $700, $50 and $46.40 worth of goods.

The total, including fees, reached $2918.95.

The victim received a credit card listing the unauthorised transactions.

She cancelled the card and reported the matter to Merimbula police, providing a statement and a copy of the statement.

She described how Carrick climbed through an unlockable window to get to the card.

Police went to the home of a believed associate of Carrick, but he denied knowledge of the offences and knowing where Carrick was.

The associate gave them consent to search the house but yelled out to his mother, who was standing only metres away, that police were searching for Carrick.

Police found Carrick in the kitchen and arrested and handcuffed him.

As he had gone to Merimbula and not remained in Eden, there was already a warrant for Carrick’s arrest and detention or revocation of his parole.

On Monday in court, Carrick’s defence counsel John Edmunds said the offences were “particularly despicable” and Carrick was “deeply ashamed” of his actions.

“What it comes down to is drugs,” Mr Edmunds said.

“He has a particular addiction to ice and needs to do something about it.”

Mr Edmunds said Carrick had been brutally assaulted as a young man by his stepfather, had “gone with the wrong crowd” and had been doing well until his father had become ill with schizophrenia.

“Mr Carrick you ought to be ashamed of yourself,” Magistrate Doug Dick said.

“You preyed on the kindness of a family friend. This lady offered kindness only to be betrayed. She might never offer help again.

“I have to do what the community deems appropriate.”

Carrick was sentenced to two years imprisonment with a 12-month non-parole period, and ordered to pay the $2918.95 in compensation.  


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