Pub sign: sad, bad or funny?

On Monday night my eyes were drawn inexplicably towards the sign outside a local hotel: “Free husband creche all day”.

I couldn’t help but wonder who, from a marketing perspective, this interesting signage might be targeting.  Was it the local blokes who despite their age needed looking after and needed to go and play with their mates under the benign care of the licensee or was it the wives of these hapless souls who needed their men cared for during the day so that they had time for other more important tasks.

If you are a local bloke how do you feel about being classed as creche material?

Do you really think you need your nose wiped and taking to the toilet by the congenial host at the pub? And are there any more jobs at your workplace if you can spend all day supping ale?

If you are a wife (women with partners obviously don’t need creches for them) how happy are you to tuck $100 bill in your man’s tuck box, pat him on the head and send him off to the pub for the day?

More importantly if you are someone who experiences violence at the hands of your husband, a message encouraging him to spend all day in the pub would probably fill you with horror. Much of the domestic violence and violence generally that local police deal with is alcohol fuelled. Not of course that I am suggesting any of the clientele of the pub concerned are involved in such despicable behaviour.

I know this was meant to be a bit of harmless fun but the messages conveyed that it’s alright to be in the pub all day with your mates, and the gender stereotypes it reinforces really ticks some bad boxes.

Local police agree; Sergeant Cliff Scarlett said: “Although it is trying to be funny the idea of someone being at the pub the whole day does not send the right message.”

However even within the News Weekly’s office not everyone was in agreement and so this is posted as a personal viewpoint.