Nethercote beauty spot blighted by rubbish

Kym and Troy Shore who are concerned about the rubbish at Nethercote Falls.
Kym and Troy Shore who are concerned about the rubbish at Nethercote Falls.

To hear Troy Shore talking about being disgusted by the amount of rubbish left lying around you might be forgiven for thinking he was rather older than the beanie wearing alternative lifestyle young man he is but he’s a man of conviction and is ready to help clear the trash that is blighting a local beauty spot.

Troy Shore who was visiting his sister in Wolumla and escaping the pollution from the coal fires in Latrobe Valley was hoping to enjoy the scenery and natural beauty of the local area but both Troy and his sister, Kym Shore were sadly disappointed when they went to one of Kym’s favourite spots, Nethercote Falls.

Troy said: “There was a smashed up car parked nearby, the barbecue area had been smashed and barbecue table burnt; there was an old couch in the barbecue area and painting on the rocks. It’s such a beautiful place and yet there was glass and rubbish everywhere.”

There was even an old plastic blow up bed lying around which Troy picked up and took out to the wrecked car.

“I dragged a plastic bed out. After all if you enjoy exercise why not do it with a purpose,” Troy said.

He was particularly upset because the area is a real beauty spot and a favourite with Kym.

“It’s her favourite spot and it’s so beautiful but this stuff I’m disgusted to see this and disgusted with the way people believe they have a right to do what they like. This belongs to everyone.”

“People have lost their way with what’s important,” Troy said.

Kym said that when she last visited Nethercote Falls at the end of winter, the couch and the car were not there.

Kym said: “I normally carry a plastic bag with me and pick up any rubbish but this is getting really bad. This has just happened over the school holidays.”

Both Troy and Kym are keen to see something done about the rubbish at Nethercote Falls and said they were happy to help clean up. They can be contacted on 0450 954 232.


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