Got some strange shaped fruit or vegetables then share them with us

This tomato arrived on our desk this morning, causing us all some amusement but we bet there are more and better examples of strange-shaped fruit and vegetables out there.

Baldrick (Rowan Atkinson) in the Blackadder series was obsessed with a turnip of a certain shape; fruit and vegetables regularly manage to amuse us all with the unusual shapes they take on.

While some examples are just oddly shaped, others are heralded for their amusing appearance, often because they resemble a body part.

According to experts, it’s often the environmental conditions that are responsible for strange shapes. A well-manured soil with carrots planted the same year as the manuring can produce some interesting examples as the carrots take off, drawn by the pockets of manured soil.

Strange shapes can be forced on fruit and vegetables such as in Japan where farmers of the Zentsuji region found a way to grow cubic watermelons by growing the fruits in glass boxes and letting them naturally assume the shape of the receptacle. The square shape supposedly made the melons easier to stack and store.

But we are after nothing so man-made. Have you got a strange-shaped vegetable or fruit to share with our readers. Simply email your photo to and we’ll add it to our rogue’s gallery.

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